TEDxMünster 2014 Talks: Sascha Pallenberg “The Future belongs to the geeks”

Sascha Pallenberg is one of the most influential german tech bloggers (mobilegeeks.de and mobilegeeks.com), setting the focus on smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Sascha told his story of „understanding the world“ by living as a blog entrepreneur in Asia while writing for a german and international audience. He highlighted how sharing information has had and will still have a huge impact on the world and how we understand it today.

TEDxMünster 2014 Talks: Andreas Gärtner “How Graphic Recording reduces Clomplexity”

Graduated from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Andreas Gaertner is a professional illustrator with a broad experience in the art of Graphic Recordings. Working for global companies and leading media such as DIE ZEIT Andreas has become well known for breaking down complex topics, structures and discussions trough graphical visualization. Transforming meetings, conferences as well as academic debates into comprehensive drawings and pictures has become his trademark and will also form the core of his TEDx talk. At TEDxMünster Andreas did not only talk about, but also actively demonstrated on how to create a better understanding of the world through graphic visualization. While interacting with the audience Andreas created a “wallpaper of knowledge“ live on stage.

TEDxMünster 2014 Talks: Elke Barber “Is Daddy coming back in a minute?”

In 2009, Elke Barber was widowed unexpectedly. Struggling to find a suitable book to help her explain death to her two young kids, she wrote her own, which she self-published in December 2012. Whilst working on “Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?”, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and crowdfunded the project. She is currently all clear from cancer and lives with her soon-to-be husband and their seven children near Edinburgh. At TEDxMünster 2014, she told her touching and encouraging story – showing how children can understand a world where beloved people are dying suddenly.

Thank you & pictures of the day

TEDxMünster 2014 – what a great day to remember! We want to thank all attendees, supporters and sponsors of TEDxMünster 2014 – this day became very special because you have been there and enriched the event with conversations and feedbacks.

The TEDxMünster 2014 is over – but the day lives on in its pictures. Our photographer Peter Schlegel caught the mood and the sights of the day – have a closer look and discover yourself by klicking on our Flickr album.

And if you want to re-enact the event: We arranged a Storify with tweets and pictures of the day:

Live on stage @TEDxMünster: Morina Miconnet

Morina_Miconnet_178x178Morina Miconnet is a young singer-songwriter from Münster, known for her powerful voice and a diverse mix of sounds that invites its audience to dream, dance and sympathize. Morina composes her songs in German, French and English and loves experimenting with different genres while frequently improvising and mixing different styles. When not dedicating her time to being a pre-school worker, Morina passionately follows her music career. She just recorded her first album and is often to be seen on stage, enchanting her audience at concerts, readings and jam sessions.

TEDxMünster 2014: Call for speaker suggestions

TEDxMünster comes back – on May 23rd, 2014, there will be another independently organized TED event in Münster – “Understanding the world”. Right now, we are finalizing our “speaker-short-list”. Who would you suggest as an interesting speaker for our event? Who do you think should present a talk on our stage? Just write an e-mail to mail@tedxmuenster.de