25. NOV 22 | 19:00

Urban Club P41 - Prinzipalmarkt 41, 48143 Münster

Another View

Developing the city we want to live in. Rubbing up against what we love - but also having ambivalent feelings. Looking with a fresh eye at the familiar and the familiar - and suddenly discovering something new. Joining forces that are drifting apart to change the city for the future. And despite all the differences, give the space for constructive debate and friendly discussion. 

That's what we have in mind for our next TEDxMünsterSalon on November 25 from 7 p.m. at the Urban Club P41 at Prinzipalmarkt. We look forward to inspiring talks and conversations


Alexandra Berlina

Dr. Alexandra Berlina was born in Moscow in 1984. She is a freelance translator who also enjoys writing herself. For example, she crafted the current translations of the Russian classic "The Master and Margarita", and she is also responsible for the German translation of the book "Schweigt nicht!" by Russian oppositionist Alexei Nawalny. Ever since Alexandra translated a hundred-year-old essay by the Russian literary scholar Shklovsky, one question has been on her mind: Making the familiar unfamiliar - is that really something only books can do, or is "newing" everywhere?

Henning Duderstadt

Dr. Henning Duderstadt has been combining entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation professionally and academically for many years. In his role as Head of Innovation Office at the Open Innovation City Bielefeld project, he is committed to an innovation-open city in which all segments of the population work together to shape a livable Bielefeld and answer the questions relevant to its future. The team of the Open Innovation City Bielefeld consists of scientists and project managers who are testing the Open Innovation principles for the first time on a city level in close exchange with the innovation community. They are pioneers in the development of an open innovation culture and the necessary framework conditions, spaces, formats and networks.

What is a TEDxSalon?

A TEDxMünsterSalon is an evening among friends. We invite guest speakers to talk about their fields and share their experiences. It's very similar to a real TEDxMünster event but a bit smaller and more intimate. Our main goal is to exchange ideas with you and discuss the talks. It also gives you the chance to make new contacts, get to know new perspectives from each other, and - above all - have a good time.


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