30. SEPT 22 | 19:00

POHA House - Bremer Platz 50, 48155 Münster

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The world of work is changing. Partly forced by big global things, partly because the remaining 2/3 of our lives have changed. In some professions, spatial boundaries are just loosening, and in others, temporal ones. Some desks are now in the kitchen, and some brilliant thoughts are now allowed to emerge at night instead of at 8 a.m. at work. A human working environment is being sought. For both sides: For those who "give" work and for those who "take" work. We want to talk about this newly forming working world at our TEDxMünsterSalon.

Eine menschliche Arbeitswelt wird gesucht. Für beiden Seiten:
Für die, die Arbeit „geben“ und für die, die die Arbeit „nehmen“.

Über diese, sich neu formierende Arbeitswelt wollen wir bei unserem TEDxMünsterSalon sprechen.


Alena Meier Gogsch

Alena Meier-Gogsch

Entrepreneur and mother

Alena Meier-Gogsch is an entrepreneur and mother. She shows how work-life balance works. And she uses her experience in doing so to combat the shortage of skilled workers: she offers a solution that activates the potential of highly qualified mothers and allows them barrier-free access to companies. In doing so, she shows ways in which companies can be run in a more family-friendly way. She herself has managed 120 part-time employees and knows how important it is for ambitious mothers to be good at both: at work and raising their children. She calls for flexible working models so that women don't have to choose between family and career.

Sina Kämmerling

Sina Kämmerling

CEO and Co-Founder FINDIQ

Sina Kämmerling is co-founder and CEO of FINDIQ. In this role, she looks for new ways to collect the knowledge of employees in the company and make it available to new employees in a structured way. In this way, she helps machine builders and operators in particular to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and to conserve existing knowledge across generations of employees. On her way, Sina benefits from her experience in various consulting and industrial companies.

Miriam Sasse

Miriam Sasse

Author and expert in agile transformation

In her presentations, Miriam Sasse shows that leadership and organizational design must be rethought in order for companies to become truly agile and resilient. In doing so, she picks up on current trends and the latest scientific findings and breaks through the boundaries of classic thinking in her search for a better working world: letting employees participate voluntarily and making problems transparent. In her refreshing, instructive and inspiring way, she makes it clear that in the new world of work, people will be at the forefront.

What is a TEDxSalon?

A TEDxMünsterSalon is an evening among friends. We invite guest speakers to talk about their fields and share their experiences. It's very similar to a real TEDxMünster event but a bit smaller and more intimate. Our main goal is to exchange ideas with you and discuss the talks. It also gives you the chance to make new contacts, get to know new perspectives from each other, and - above all - have a good time.


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