TEDxMünster 2023

23. JUNE 23

M44 Meeting Center


Stefanie Voss

Pirate up your life: ancient hacks for modern survival

Although Stefanie has always been fascinated by pirates, she was very glad that she didn’t meet any when she sailed around the world. As rebels, social reformers and fair comrades, pirates are true role models for brave instigators of change. Stefanie will tell us why we should all be a bit more like pirates.

Tobias Gantner

Creating the Future of Healthcare is not a Spectator Sport

doc_tobi carries out experiments with the future of medicine. After studying medicine, philosophy and law in Germany and abroad, and working with some of the most renowned pharmaceutical companies in the world, he founded his own company - HealthCare Futurists, an “adventure playground for health solutions”. He tours around (this playground) with his MakerMobil and tries out digital solutions for the health provisions/care of the future. On our stage, he will show us in what direction health care is and should be heading.

Paula Menninghaus

Improvise, adapt, overcome - building Problem Solving Skills

paulamenninghaus is an entrepreneur and a paramedic, a yoga teacher and a boxing coach. At the age of 18 she founded her company “Strong Partners” and was one of Germany’s youngest women ambulance drivers. She co-hosts the conference format “12MIN.ME” in Münster, she holds workshops for crisis management and if that’s not enough, she does a lot of charity work. As a hands-on optimist, she is interested in how people can develop problem-solving skills. At TEDxMünster, she will explain what we can learn from the everyday work of a paramedic that will help us master difficult situations in life.

Daniela Marzavan

DARE TO CHANGE: The Power of Meraki in Transformation

Daniela is a “Change Darer” - that is what she named her company and that is how she lives and works. She was born in Romania, grew up in Germany and spends her work and private life between the Iberien Peninsula and Antananarivo. She describes herself as a “Pracademic” (half practitioner, half academic). She was one of the first academics to bring the innovative method Design Thinking into university teaching, she was Community Manager at the Berlin coworking space betahaus, and she has worked for the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) as well as other well-known organisations. Daniela has made it her goal to promote and relish change. On the TEDxMünster stage, she will show what it is that empowers us to constructively embrace change.

Duo Elja

Fall down, get up, keep going - what the trapeze teaches us

duoelja are originally from Frankfurt, but you could say that their real home is on the trapeze. With their unique blend of gymnastics and talk they will perform the show with which they have toured the whole world, and, especially for us at TEDxMünster, they will give us a glimpse behind the scenes.They will tell us how swaying back and forth on the trapeze has influenced both of their lives and what has been the key to their success.

Michael Buttgereit

Is this democracy or can it go away?

Germany and Europe are experiencing more and more attacks on democracy. Michael Buttgereit thinks that we take our democracy far too much for granted. He believes that the lack of value-oriented design and staging of democracy is the reason why it is under threat. On the TEDx Münster stage, he will show us from a designer’s perspective how, for example, elections can once again become more appealing.

Heike Mersmann-Hoffmann

Who’s afraid of ChatGPT?

Heike has taught in various institutions. Currently, she teaches English at the University of Münster Language Center to students from a wide range of disciplines. She has been using digital tools and learning platforms in her foreign language classes since the 1990s - whether for organizing student exchanges, planning lessons, carrying out research, or learning. This has allowed her to combine her interests: a passion for teaching English as a foreign language, and experimenting with digital tools in the classroom. The release of ChatGPT has amazed, intrigued, disturbed, and activated her - which means she is committed to raising awareness about the benefits and limitations of AI on multiple levels.

Bernhard Wolff

A backward speaker explains creativity

Bernhard Wolff is an expert in creativity. Even as a child he fell in love with the stage and discovered his talent for surprising people with language. As a student he studied Business through the day and thrilled audiences with his comedy performances in the evenings. He went on to become the youngest copywriter in one of Germany's most creative advertising agencies, Springer & Jacoby. He has been invited to over 50 TV shows to perform his act of speaking backwards - most recently on the new Eckart von Hirschhausen show “Was kann der Mensch?”. On our stage, he will talk about what it means to be playfully creative and unique.