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TEDxMünster – Departure into the Unknown

Once upon a time, when not all continents had been discovered, unknown areas were marked with a dragon.  The unknown was a dangerous area.

The unknown is still insecure. Nobody knows what to expect. Many people prefer to stay in their safe zone rather than face the danger of the unexplored.  But there have always been the adventurous who wanted to discover a little bit more about the world – and posed many questions about human existence.

In later centuries, dragons disappeared from maps and the unknown was marked with white spots. Fear faded. Scientists had become more important and as a consequence the urge to explore the world grew. People were drawn to the unknown. This is where we are today and this is the theme of this year’s TEDxMünster.

Discover the Unknown!

Today, there are no more white spots on our globe, but even with all that people have discovered comes the knowledge of what we don’t know. The unknown has become larger. People still need courage to tread into new areas, not necessarily because they fear for their life but often because they want to defend their trusted comfort zone.

At TEDxMünster 2018, people will talk about how they have discovered their unknown, what they have learnt, discovered. We will let you know over the next weeks, what this unknown will be.

Have you got an idea that has to do with the Unknown? Or do you know someone that does, who you think should be up on stage. Then click here.

We ourselves are moving from the university castle into the unknown with a new and larger venue for TEDxMünster at the Theatre Münster.

TEDxMünster is moving

At your request, we are changing more, and moving TEDxMünster to a weekend. It will take place in the evening on Friday 2 November.

We’ve got a bit of time until then but then again there is a lot to do. Probably, there is more to do than we now know about and that is what is so exciting.

So mark your diary with an X (or even dragon) and we look forward to seeing you on 2 November.

The TEDxMünster-Team

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