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TEDx Münster 2019 – Future to Go! We are open for Applications

We are always on the go. Flexibility, mobility and digitalization are highly cherished values.  This can make us restless and impulsive. ‘Future to Go’ is in itself a contradiction, a reminder of the plastic cups on our German ‘Coffee to go’. Plastic – how do we change? There is smart mobility, the Greta phenomenon the protest by a younger generation on climate change, a mobile orientated lifestyle, gender neutral. But there is also a gap between those who adapt and those who can’t. Is it possible to design a future impulsively but also responsibly? We believe that in order to design sustainable future for all, we need to bring together the wisdom of the older generations and the drive of the young.

Do you have an idea that will make a difference, big or small? Then tell us.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Your idea should fit in with these themes. It can be a big project that you or someone else is working on. But it can also be something small, maybe an insight.

One of the best known TEDx talks is simply about how we can save tons of paper by using just one paper towel in public toilets when washing hands – instead of a whole handful.

Maybe you know someone who does something extraordinary in his job or in his spare time. And maybe you think: Actually, many more people should know about it. 

At TEDxMünster on 12 October, we give ten people 15 minutes to tell 800 people about their idea in front of the city theatre. After the event, we will publish the video on the TEDx-Youtube channel. 19 million subscribers can watch it there.

Apply here! 



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