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TEDx is crossing borders – are you on board?

Before our main event on September 27, we have a very special TEDx event for you that is crossing borders. Literally. Being so close to the Dutch border made us want to rethink our own borders, with our friends from TEDxSaxionUniversity. TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Crossing Borders was born. What is the impact of borders and what kind of borders are relevant to you? And if you were a border, what would you protect?

Borders are present in our lives in several ways: physical, mental, cultural, geographical, political and social. We all have personal borders we would never cross or that frighten us somehow. All over the world, borders are a hot topic again.

On June 29 our event will take in a moving train between Enschede and Münster, with talks that deals with borders in different ways. The first two speakers are already announced:
Merlijn Schoonenboom, author and journalist, will share his ideas about the future of the Dutch-German relationship. ‘Sometimes because of intriguing differences, sometimes because of outright absurdist situations, crossing the Dutch-German border has become a continuous source of inspiration.’
Ingo Hoff, entrepreneur from Gronau, calls himself a ‘German Tukker’. He believes possibilities for cross border cooperation are unused.

You want to be a part of this very special TEDx event? Seats and tickets are limited. Use this form to apply for the event. TEDxSaxionU and TEDxMünster will read all applications and select the audience based on your answers. Good luck!

Here is one oft he first impressions what it means to cross borders. On the „Day oft he Neighbour Language“ both of our teams learned tongue twisters from across the borders. These are the results: