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Who pays for TEDxMünster


Our team works on a voluntary basis, and everyone on the TEDxMünster stage doesn’t get a fee for their performance. This is part of the TED idea. Nevertheless, TEDxMünster, with just ticket sales couldn’t happen if we didn’t have many partners to help us. They all support us because they identify with the spirit behind the event – to be inquisitive, fascinated by new things and open to the unusual.

The company Modelyzr from Münster, for example, uses its software of to make something visible that is actually invisible: markets. In the spirit of TEDxMünster, the company explores the unknown. The Modelyzr software shows who the customers are, what significance a company has in a market or what potential the market and the customers have – to enlighten a company on its business potential.


The Schöppinger company Shopware develops online shops for different needs and in very different sizes – for private sellers, professional traders or large retail groups. The central idea behind their innovation is an open and worldwide community, which contributes knowledge and ideas to making better software.  The thinking is similar to the TED idea of making good ideas better known to better our world.

Hengst SE, the Münster-based specialist for filtrationis 60 years old this year and has just won the ‘Innovation prize of the State of North Rhine Westphalia NRW’ for inventing the sustainable alternative to the oil screw on filter.  Hengst is not only committed to innovative technology but also to creating trustworthy partnerships. It is this spirit of innovation and trusting partnerships that has helped TEDxMünster succeed.

In the case of the Gütersloh-based building technology manufacturer Westaflex,the company’s history already shows that openness to new developments has always played a major role in their business. When the company was founded over 80 years ago, Westfaflex sold only one product: flexible pipes. The product range now includes chimneys, ventilation systems for apartments, silencers, extractor piles and cleaning and water filters. Today, Westaflex is an international company with locations throughout Europe. New products are constantly being added. But one thing has not changed in all these years. It all starts with a good idea.

Hotel Mauritzhof
The first thinking in the development of the Hotel Mauritzhofwas the idea of what a place could be like to attract people to stay and come back to. It began with the question: What should such a place look like? It should be cosmopolitan and unique. This place needs a spirit that can be felt by the guests. And this spirit has a lot in common with The TED Conference. The hotel has grown around this idea. It was one of the first to be part of the international collection of Design Hotels. And anyone who has ever been there knows that it is a very unique hotel.

Dr. Schengber & Friends
The communications agency Dr. Schengber & Friends works in an environment in which you have to be constantly prepared for the unknown, because digital disruption is changing all communications. Dr. Schengber & Friends manages the digital customer experience for companies across social networks. New communication channels through which to reach the customer are constantly being created in the digital world. It is good to be prepared for the unknown.

Westfälische Nachrichten
The Westfälische Nachrichten provides its readers with news. In order to know what’s new, you first have to know what already exists. You have to be curious, want to know things that you don’t suspect exist. And this at a time when the ways in which news reaches readers are also changing, and when tomorrow everything can be different. To survive in this environment, you have to be flexible, curious and eager for new possibilities, and that is the spirit of the TED conferences.

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
Universities explore the world and impart knowledge. And ultimately, new knowledge always goes back to an idea. It has to be transplanted into many minds before it starts to have an effect. And here there are many parallels between the TED idea and the idea of universities. That’s why the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität supports TEDxMünster – among other things with ideas developed by its scientists, which can then be heard on our stage as TEDx Talks.

LBS West
LBS West helps people fulfill their dreams. As one of the largest building societies in Germany, it paves the way for a long and invisible path that leads through uncertainty to a goal that initially only exists as an idea. LBS West turns an idea into reality. This is only possible if one believes in the power of an idea. And it is from this conviction that the TED idea was born.

Münster Marketing 
Münster is not what the cliché suggests. The city is modern, growing and cosmopolitan. Münster Marketing’s task is to spread this idea and to inspire people in the city. Our aim is really very similar. We want to inspire people with ideas that fascinate. This is what Münster Marketing shares with the spirit of TEDxMünster.