Ralf Heller

Helfen statt nerven: Wie Werbung nützlich wird

Ralf Heller owns a marketing agency and feels ashamed by the fact that, every single year, 30 Billion Euros are being spent on advertising that is at best irrelevant for its recipients, but more likely is a real nuisance. In an analogy to his own flirting behavior in teenage years, Ralf shows the tedious harassment marketing people treat their target groups with. His suggestion: Why not spending 5% of our marketing budgets on solutions that would make the customers’ lives easier? Companies in Germany spend 30 billion Euros per year on advertising. Most of the messaging doesn’t reach the target consumer, simply because advertising is annoying. Ralf Heller, CEO of the Freiburger advertising consultancy, Virtual Identity, will point out how the lives of many would be made easier, if companies would only use 5 percent of their advertising budgets in a different way than they are doing today.

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