TEDxMünster Salon:
Back To Work

September 2022


Alena Meier-Gogsch

Part-time leadership - tapping into the potential of qualified mothers

Alena Meier-Gogsch has managed a team of 120 employees part-time. She became a mother at an early age, but is convinced that she should still not give up a professional career. However, because she encountered a lot of resistance with this attitude, she quit her job and founded a career platform that turns the tables: companies have to advertise themselves in search of highly qualified mothers. This sheds a whole new light on women's opportunities. In her talk, Alena explains what she learnt from talking to companies, and which solutions have proven successful. Alena led a team of 120 people - part time. When she came back to work after giving birth to her second child, she was assigned a new team with 50 members and a new job. That was overwhelming, so she quit after five months, tried to find a new, equally qualified job, and failed. As a consequence, she founded the job portal momjobs.de, where companies pitch for well educated women. Today, as a founder and mom with leadership experience, she consults and helps companies to organise for highly qualified mothers to work part-time.

Miriam Sasse

What Managers can learn from influencers

At work, people are very sensitive to whether they are really invited to participate or whether they are simply expected to perform. And they engage or they don't, accordingly. Dr Miriam Sasse has experienced this herself several times, which is why she now promotes a concept of ‚leadership by invitation‘. In her talk, she describes the immense potential for change that invitations opens up. Miriam is an experienced consultant and coach. She works for a leading German corporate, as a university teacher and freelancer. She is a trained psychologist and did her PhD in industrial engineering. She publishes Agile Short Stories and is a co-host for Agile World in Germany.

Sina Kämmerling

Breaking Expectations

About the Extraordinary Foundation of my Tech StartUp". As a young woman, former singer of a rock band, and consultant, Sina Kämmerling won one million euros as start-up capital in a hackathon. Sounds like a lot of money, but it is not, she had to accept in a very short time. She had to overcome many obstacles on the way to founding her tech start-up, and had little time for chai latte clichés. In her entertaining talk, she tells us what she learned along the way. Sina used to work for a big consultancy firm and later as a digitalization expert and project manager, helping businesses to access digital business models, before she co-founded Findiq. She has a passion for tech and numbers, and she loves music, being a keyborder in a rock band in former years.