TEDxMünster Salon: Another View

November 2022


Alexandra Berlina

Newing. Live every day as if it was your first.

How can you create a sense of greater awareness for everyday things? How can you nourish a sense of wonder? And avoid living your life in autopilot mode? Dr. Alexandra Berlina takes us on a journey through literature, since writers like the Russian scholar Viktor Shklovsky, Swift, Shelley, or Coleridge have thought about how to render the usual astonishing, so we can appreciate life more. In her talk, Alexandra provides us with different perspectives, unusual wording, and a number of helpful ideas, that allow us to look at the familiar afresh. Alexandra is a professional translator and passionate about literature. One field of her expertise is translating Russian writers. Which is how she came across Viktor Shklovsky, a dazzling contemporary of Tolstoi. He spurred her curiosity about a concept that she is now developing under the title of "newing": What does literature teach uns about getting a fresh look at things already familiar? And how can we systematically train this quality and thus improve the quality of our lives? Alexandra was born in Moscow and moved to Germany at the age of 13. She went to London for her studies and today lives in Duesseldorf/Germany with her husband and two children.

Henning Duderstadt

Open Innovation City: How a city can design its future

If cities want to design a sustainable path into the future, they need the entire urban society, says Dr. Henning Duderstadt. It is the only way to bring together enough creativity to solve the cities’ most pressing problems. How is this possible? Bielefeld is the first city in Germany to embark on an experimental path with open innovation. In his talk, Henning tells us more about how Bielefeld is proceeding, how they address fears and reservations and motivate people to participate, and he explains why the anti-algorithm is an indispensable ingredient for the process. Henning is the business and strategic head of the Open Innovation City project in Bielefeld. His vision is to create an open innovation network society with a very diverse team of academic and operational staff. In his academic and professional career, Henning has always integrated his passion for entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation. He worked in banking, specialized in the digital and start-up economy, and has a teaching assignment at the technical university of Bielefeld.

Martin Mall

How to honor a special team in a special way

How does a TEDx team bring the famous three letters of TED to life? What challenges does it overcome on the way to an event? At the TEDxSalon in Münster, our team member Martin Mall showed his appreciation for the organizing team and its qualities in a special way: True to the event motto "Another View", he illustrated the process with the help of a timeless Chinese juggling prop, the diabolo.