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restARTing means rinsing the paintbrush!

The art collective YQP has been part of TEDxMünster’s history with their talk about how data becomes a real currency painter, whereas Roman Lipski is a rookie in terms of talking at a TEDx event. This is not the only reason to expect an extraordinary talk that combines algorithms, graphic arts, digital and analogue world leading to the ultimate question: Can artificial intelligence be a muse? Read what they think about TEDx, restarting and how they would describe themselves.

What motivates you to be part of TEDxMünster?
Basically we love the concept of TEDx in general. Our project „Unfinished“ where we create a partnership between an artificial intelligent muse and the painter Roman Lipski is very intensive and we spend a lot of time working on it. Usually we express ourselves with the work itself. A talk gives us the chance to reflect on it in a totally different manner. It provides a platform to express our aims, thoughts and learnings that we gained during the never ending process of searching for new quality in the arts.

What are your associations about our theme (re)start?
A (re)start for Roman always means rinsing his paintbrush!

How would you describe yourself with three hashtags?
One is enough that sums it up: #Unfinished – The search for new quality in the arts by bringing contemporary tech and classical art closer together won’t finish. The same applies to us. Mission incomplete 😉

What is your favourite TEDx oder TED Talk?
Of course the one we held in 2014!



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