Aurelius Thoß

A simple way to support the homeless: Backpacks!

Aurelius Thoß is 19 years old and born in Berlin. For twelve years, he lived in Münster. A lot of extracurricular activities brought him in contact to the BSV (BezirksSchülerInnenVertretung), Greenpeace, Unicef and other organizations. He loves theatre and acting and the way how it allows him to express himself. Currently, he is studying medicine in Munich. The combination of political and emotional involvement is essential for his life.

Aurelius takes care of homeless people by starting the project „Ein Rucksack voller Hoffnung“ (A backpack full of hope) in Münster, assembling more and more help through building up on it. Since homeless people are not always instantly likeable, his commitment and work is defined by ongoing setbacks and continuation.