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An idea has to be simple!

19 year-old Aurelius Thoß was born in Berlin. He lived in Münster for twelve years. A lot of extracurricular activities brought him in contact to the BSV (the districts student reprensation), Greenpeace and Unicef. He loves theatre and acting and the way how it allows him to express himself. Now he is studying medicine in Munich. The combination of political and emotional involvement is essential for his life. We asked Aurelius three quesitons about his appearance at TEDxMünster.

What motivates you to be part of TEDxMünster?

The biggest motivation to talk at TEDx is the connection to engaged people, the inspiration of their personality, their ideas, their being. And hopefully I can also inspire someone, connect with people, share our ideas and work together to find unity in a same goal, and work on it.

What are your associations about our theme (re)start?
It sounds like clichee but it’s not. It’s never easy. If you got an idea, a really good idea, you’re supported by your heart. But even then, things won’t going to be easy. There will be doubt. But a very nice friend said: There is always hope, you should just be aware of staying connected to it.

How would you describe yourself with three hashtags?
#alive: Probably that’s were all my believes are coming from: I am alive and I like being alive, like every being on this earth, and I want to help this happening.
#simple: A plan/an idea/anything is not going to be easy but it has to be simple.
#enjoy: Everything I do, if I work night and day, and when I can’t see my friends, has to be enjoyed. Every action – no matter whether I have to do it for other people or for myself – I try to do it with joy.



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